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More touch magic

My getting my comments about love for touch computing was timely; N-trig, who are responsible for the touch-screen on my HP TX2z have released video showing their new multi-touch capability and gesture vocabulary.  An article on Engadget and a link to the video can be found here.  Will these drivers be compatible with the touchscreen in the TX2z – I’ll let you know if they come back to me.

HTPC Mk2: Ready for Windows7

On release of Windows7, it was time to upgrade the HTPC from the initial build.  I had done a test build with Vista Home Premium earlier in the year, and whilst I liked the look of Vista Media Center, I wasn’t happy with the performance of TV.

The initial build for the Win7 HTPC was identical to the original build with the exception of the Raptor 10,000rpm hard drive I had available – it seemed a waste not to use it, particularly when it’s no louder than the Samsung SpinPoint that it replaced.

The installation of the Windows 7 (64bit on an AMD 3500+ CPU) was it’s normal smooth self. On completion of installation, all the hardware with the exception fo the TV card was found and installed.  A quick search of the Terratec website landed me drivers (v284) for the Cinergy 2400i Dual HD Digital TV card, while a visit to the nVidia site netted me the up to date drivers for the 6150 on board video card.

Configuration of the media libraries against folders on the Windows Home Server was completely simple, and even more so after running the Media Connector.