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Publishing is easy

I got a note from WordPress today to tell me that my blog had a new subscriber; that happens rarely enough that it prompted me to write something.

I’ve just come off a very long weekend doing the layout and desktop publishing for a magazine – a proper, commercially printed distributed to thousands magazine.  It’s pushed creative buttons (that this blog was supposed to push) that I haven’t made the time to push for a while, and we’re about to upload the finished product to the printer.

I remember last time I did any of this sort of work – it was a long time ago, and the tools that I used back then (Ready Set Go v4.5 for Mac rings a bell) are probably functionally equivalent to Microsoft Publisher today, although I’m sure that text control in RSG was much, much better.

Publishing today is primarily focused on the transition to online, so it seems a little anachronistic to be be preparing for physical printing, but that’s where the specific target market we’re shooting for is at. However with the tools available today, it’s not really that much harder than publishing for online, as the rules generally translate, and the medium specific knowledge can be learnt if you understand the concepts.

We’re working on the website at the moment.  I’m learning what I can at the moment on quality in WordPress themes, and hardening a WordPress site prior to letting the outside world have at it.

I can’t imagine what the print world needed to do to get a paper or a magazine out in days before computers – all that typesetting and lithography and bromides and so on.

More details to come once Issue #1 hits the streets.

(I’m writing with the royal ‘we’ here – this new venture is Bec’s muse business, and I’m merely the semi-skilled labour)