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HTC: No idea

One of the standard features that smartphone users expect, in the same way that car users expect wheels, is the ability to remotely find or nuke their phone if the unthinkable happens.

HTC, sensing (pun not originally intended) the market, launched a HTCSense.com to offer this precise service to their customers. #WIN! And then, restricted it to only their handsets, the Desire HD, the Desire Z, and the Inspire 4G (in Australia at least). #FAIL

It appears that there was some confusion as to the scope of the new service (http://www.abc.net.au/technology/articles/2010/10/28/3050954.htm), which follows so closely to the debacle that was the release of Android v2.2 in Australia.

If this service is easily available for iPhone and Windows Phone 7 users, why is the Desire being left out in the cold?  Setting up MobileMe on the iPad was a 2 minute job, and I was using the iPad at the time (in other words – that’s the way it should be, unlike the whole tethered startup experience).

Slowly, my internal business case for a #WP7 builds itself.   It also jeopardises the Android tablet that was planned for this year.   There has been no talk as to whether the Motorola Xoom carries this feature.

Perhaps I should wait for the specs for the iPad 2.


(OK – this post has been sitting in draft for a while – so I updated and posted today.)

iPad: Feature of the Week #2: how to ruin UX

The feature that I’ve really been appreciating this week is one that I may not have access to for much longer: it’s the hardware screen orientation lock.

In Apples infinite wisdom, it appears that on upgrade to iOS4.2, the switch gets remapped to being a mute button, even though a press and hold on volume down will achieve this for you already in double quick time.

Can I get a WTF?

The screen orientation lock was such magnificent discovery when I found it, that I’ve been wishing for one on my HTC Desire ever since.

At this stage, this means that I’ll be putting off applying the 4.2
upgrade for as long as possible. I know that this will cost me multi-tasking, but that’s ok for the moment, based on my current usage model.

Dear Apple & Steve Jobs: Please don’t ruin my iPad. Can you make the button assignment optional in Settings please?

iPad: Feature of the Week

I’ve had the iPad for a month. I’ve been surprised by the number of people that have told me that I’ve sold out.  I’m still involved with #SWUG when I can get along.

Feature of the week for me over the course of this month has been instant on.  I love the no-wait, absolutely instant access to internet, email and Twitter. I’m still working out the applications that are useful to me to do all the things that I want to be able to do on the bus.  I’ll talk about typing on it, and reading and double clicking, and the inability to store my files on my piece of hardware, but for the moment, instant on is the magical feature.

Now that I’ve had time with the iPad, I bought a case today – it’s an Elano from Next Byte. I can’t find a website for the case (and the picture is merely something that looks very similar), but the decision point was the little metal clips on the bottom and both sides that retain the iPad in place, rather than the loose leather pouch arrangement that many sport. The end result is a very clean and tidy installation.  Similar to the original Apple case, the case can be arranged for a variety of typing and viewing angles.  It’s black leather(ette probably), and also available in store in brown and read.  It is so very hard to find perfection. This one was on special at AUD$50.

More Touch gear: Apple iPad

In some ways, I think I’ve looking for a business case for an iPad since they were first released.  There was a lot of humming and hawing about the fact that it involved buying Apple, but ultimately the form factor and the business case won out.

Business case?