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Where’s all this traffic coming from?

I’ve just been checking the logs for the carpc website, and I’m amazed at the amount of traffic that it’s still generating, even though I haven’t updated for some time. The top 100 hits come from a dozen countries, and links fron sites in languages that I can’t read. God bless the interweb.

The main reason for the dry up of updates is because the carpc is now out of the car, having been replaced with an Alpine 7998 deck. I miss the GPS, and the volume of music, but with new kiddy I didn’t have time for the constant tweaking and maintenance that comes with a CarPC. However, I’ve moved my attention now to my new Home Theatre PC (naturally). It’s been years in the talking, and now that I’ve found a case that I’m willing to have in the lounge, the tweaking has started again, although now it’s tweaking that I can do later in the evening and in the comfort of the lounge room.

So – that means that the CarPC rig is all for sale. It’s probably easier if you’re in Sydney, so that I can take you through all the bits and pieces, but an interstate sale is fine as well.

I’ll have some photo’s up shortly, although feel free to email me if you’re interested.

Another Sydney meet

We’re planning another meet for mp3car.com members in Sydney, you’ll find the details being discussed in this thread.

Details at this stage are:

* Sunday 4 September at 2pm
* Somewhere in the inner west

Meddler and I are off this weekend to scout for suitable locations. The last meet was arranged by our personally forwarding the specifics of the location to known members of MP3Car.com, primarily to offer security. We understand that members don’t want the general public knowing what is in their cars.

As a player in the car audio scene for over 10 years, and having lost sound systems before, I understand completely.

If there is a better method available – we’re all ears.

GPS back on line

Following the lead and the instructions found in this thread on MP3Car.com, I managed to get the GPS back up and running. Of course this would have been more useful three weeks ago when I was running all over Sydney buying baby stuff. Hm.

Now that’s all running nicely, I can start experimenting with the new GPS software released in the last couple of months. Nice.

Overdue update

It’s been a while since the last update. Essentially, everything has been running really smoothly, and there isn’t a great deal to report. Well, there is that issue with the GPS which seems to forget about the drivers every now and then, which makes the touchscreen mouse freak out.

I’m still using FrodoPlayer as my main frontend system, and I’ve added in 033L’s Gamma Control software, which is really simple and effective, and means that I can stick with the darker skin that I prefer the look of.

I’d love to create a skin that is specific to my exact needs, but I just don’t have the art skills. I must get around to updating the site with the photo’s of the new installation, and rolling out the site update.

The plans for the reinstallation for the boot have been accelerated, as it appears that boot space is now at a premium, as we’re shortly going to need to transport baby related equipment. Cool – stealth sub!

Sydney MP3car.com meetup summary

Sydney members of MP3Car.com met up today to display their creative efforts.

C4M's WRX & Xenarc installation

The installations ran the whole spectrum from completed (one with a mototrised 19″ monitor in the boot, to an installation in a cardboard box (complete with ZipLock quantities of stamps attached!). The photo’s when posted, will be available here.

Sydney MP3Car.com meet coming soon

Spent some time this afternoon out scoping for a site for the first Sydney MP3Car.com meet. If you’re interested in attending, contact me via the forums in the Sydney Meet thread, and I’ll forward you the details. We’ve had interest from ten or so people, and at time of writing we have three definites. It’s always good to be able to have a sticky at someone else’s efforts.

Got the remolded screen back frm the painters today. I haven’t gotten around to putting together the photo’s of the new installation, because the job for tonight is to get the screen in the car so that we’re all set up for the 15 hour drive to Adelaide tomorrow morning.