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Automate WHS backup to external HDD?

While you’re on the Microsoft Connect website adding your vote and thoughts on MSE’s relationship to WHS, have a look at the other suggestions as well.  I’ve just voted in support of functionality to automate backup of WHS to an external HDD (link requires Windows Live profile to log in).  At the moment, a backup of the content of your WHS is only possible (excluding those that have a subscription to an online backup to the cloud) by:

  1. Connecting an external drive to your WHS;
  2. Opening the WHS console (and configuring the external drive as an external archive, if this is the first time);
  3. Hitting the backup now button.

I suspect that any solution is going to require the pressing of at least one button somewhere, otherwise your WHS won’t know whether you’re intending on running a backup or doing a restore.  In any event, it would be nice if execution could be handled by the pop-up on the client – after all, the comms are already there to send messages to connected clients.

How would you like to see external backups work?