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About me

As a Chartered Accountant, a consultant  and a technologist, I’m exposed to all sorts of technology through my work, my hobbies, fiddling and reading.  But what really interests me is how to take advantage of complex and emerging technology (read: toys) and apply it practically to life.

This  blog explores my findings, and follows my fiddling with installing PC’s in cars, in the lounge and kitchen, and rolling out servers and infrastructure in the home.

As a reader of anything with words on/in it, and serial attender of random conferences, I’m exposed to innovation, but I’m only interested in it from a practical application perspective.  This is the area that I’d like to expand my blogging and thoughts, and learn from you.  I look forward to your comments.  Many bloggers smarter than me work on the theory that the quality of a blog is demonstrated by the quality of the discussion in the comments.  Hopefully I can provide the right environment, or starting point.

Hopefully it’s interesting for someone other than me!


twitter-32x32 @cpkharris


gmail-32x32 cameron[dot]harris[at]gmail[dot]com

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