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The feature that I’ve really been appreciating this week is one that I may not have access to for much longer: it’s the hardware screen orientation lock.

In Apples infinite wisdom, it appears that on upgrade to iOS4.2, the switch gets remapped to being a mute button, even though a press and hold on volume down will achieve this for you already in double quick time.

Can I get a WTF?

The screen orientation lock was such magnificent discovery when I found it, that I’ve been wishing for one on my HTC Desire ever since.

At this stage, this means that I’ll be putting off applying the 4.2
upgrade for as long as possible. I know that this will cost me multi-tasking, but that’s ok for the moment, based on my current usage model.

Dear Apple & Steve Jobs: Please don’t ruin my iPad. Can you make the button assignment optional in Settings please?


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