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More Touch gear: Apple iPad

In some ways, I think I’ve looking for a business case for an iPad since they were first released.  There was a lot of humming and hawing about the fact that it involved buying Apple, but ultimately the form factor and the business case won out.

Business case?

We have a few computers and internet devices in our house.  About half of them are discussed on this blog.  Others include the Chumby in the bedroom, our phones and so on. So any addition requires some careful thinking.  If nothing else, I’m running out of places to plug stuff in!

So – business case:

  • Reading on the bus
  • Entertaining the kids on long drives
  • Kitchen duties for recipes
  • Couch surfing

This means a couple of changes in our set up.  We’ll be rationalising the laptops we have at home, and buying some accessories for the iPad to meet the needs outlined aboves.

So, there are some articles coming.  A new laptop form home, some talk on the accessories for the uses outlined above, some articles on the iPad itself, and shameless ads for the laptops that I’m selling.

Thanks for reading.

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