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iPad: Feature of the Week

I’ve had the iPad for a month. I’ve been surprised by the number of people that have told me that I’ve sold out.  I’m still involved with #SWUG when I can get along.

Feature of the week for me over the course of this month has been instant on.  I love the no-wait, absolutely instant access to internet, email and Twitter. I’m still working out the applications that are useful to me to do all the things that I want to be able to do on the bus.  I’ll talk about typing on it, and reading and double clicking, and the inability to store my files on my piece of hardware, but for the moment, instant on is the magical feature.

Now that I’ve had time with the iPad, I bought a case today – it’s an Elano from Next Byte. I can’t find a website for the case (and the picture is merely something that looks very similar), but the decision point was the little metal clips on the bottom and both sides that retain the iPad in place, rather than the loose leather pouch arrangement that many sport. The end result is a very clean and tidy installation.  Similar to the original Apple case, the case can be arranged for a variety of typing and viewing angles.  It’s black leather(ette probably), and also available in store in brown and read.  It is so very hard to find perfection. This one was on special at AUD$50.

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