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For the past year and a half, I’ve served our local community pre-school as their IT Officer.  It’s been an interesting ride.  What started as a simple reactive role – fixing the odd printer and wireless working glitch, validating software licence status, documenting passwords is now at a point where I can turn my mind to longer term planning and strategy.

My professional life is about operational performance improvement.  I work with clients to understand how they work, and helping them add sustainable value to their business by working to change business systems and process.  So it’s easy to see how I’m going to approach an IT management role for a pre-school. </end pitch>

Circumstances in 2009 had me workshopping with the teachers around what they would like to achieve in the classroom with the kids, and constructing an estimate of what was needed to refresh the hardware. At the time, one of the machines (which has since died a natural) was over ten years old, and took over 30 minutes to boot. On a good day.

Six months after I started the role, I sat down and read John Wood’s ‘Leaving Microsoft to Change the World‘ – the story of the birth of Room to Read.  I don’t for a minute compare my small contribution to the organisation that John Wood created. With kids, a wife, a cat and a mortgage to support, I have other commitments to attend to as well.  Having said that, when I get to future opportunities, it’s clear that there are opportunities to apply what I’ve learned through this process more broadly, and multiply the benefit.  I’d welcome hearing from others that are interested in getting involved.

In addition to learning from those that are interested, I’m interested to hear your feedback on how I can do this better – obviously the more efficiently this can be achieved, the better.

Dependent on interest and feedback, my intention is to cover the following topics:

  • Governance & Policy
  • Funding & Donations
  • Operating Systems & Software
  • My current project
  • Future opportunities

Now that I near the end of the client side roll out, where we are at is totally different from where I thought I wanted to be.

Are there any other aspects of the journey that you’re interested in hearing about?


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