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Network cards annoy me

Bought myself a nice new DLink Gigabit switch (look – it’s Green!) last week to act as the heart of the network between the docking station, the home server and the HTPC. The docking station and the HTPC connected with the switch nicely, reporting 1 Gpbs. The server? Unfriendly.

I reconnected the cable to the router, to find that I had a nice solid 100Mbit connection.  Yes – the motherboard has a gigabit NIC onboard – I really really checked all the documentation for the board.  Really.   I updated the nVidia driver pack.  No change.  I swapped out the cable for a new Cat6 – no change.

What is odd is that the switch is auto-sensing – it’s supposed to decide whether to connect at 10, 100 or 1,000 based on what it is connected to.  When I connect the machine to the router, 100Mbit and rock solid.  Connect to the switch, the machine attempts to connect, and drops, attempts to connect, and drops.  And no throughput at all.

Now – you’d think that if I connected a 100 Mbit NIC to a 10/100/1000 switch, it would connect at 100 Mbit.  But I get nothing at all.

Is there something that I’m missing?  I’m going crazy here!


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