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Things to do this weekend:

  • Play with the kids
  • Help out around the house
  • Update the Windows Home Server:  I installed an evaluation version just under 120 days ago, so it’s time to update.  So that I don’t go through this work for nothing, I’m using it as a test of the migration strategy I’ve been planning for the commercial installation of WHS that I’m planning for a pro-bono client this year.  Wait for advice on timing of WHS vNext.  Nothing to report at this stage.
  • Continuing to test the Home Theatre PC for Windows7 video issues.

Comments on: "This weekends HTPC and WHS maintenance" (3)

  1. Migration from trial to release version of WHS is easy – you won’t lose data but you do have to reinstall add-ins and do some resetting up of users – check out this thread – http://forum.wegotserved.com/index.php?/topic/4886-eval-to-full-version-how/ – very easy to achieve
    Trust me – V2 – Vail is still a long way away
    What EPG do you use on your Win7 Media Center? – IceTV? – some of us are having issues with the IceTV Win7 guide

    • Thanks for the feedback. At this stage I’ve just reinstalled the evaluation which will see me out to May. Good to know that there is a way to update without a complete reinstall.

      Regarding EPG – I didn’t install anything – it just worked out of the box (for Sydney 2000). When I installed the drivers for the TV card, it installed PlayTV, and from there it was plain sailing. At this stage, it’s likely that I’m going back to MCE – The codec lock-in appears to be a very real issue for my TV tuner card. Under XP MCE, I used EPGstream, and that works really well for donationware.

  2. Update on the installation. I have learned that I can’t reuse an evaluation key, so I’ll be using Bodog’s data after all!

    Did you manage to get your EPG woes resolved?

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