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Funny that.  Only three days after making a reply to a comment on my blog to this effect, someone has discovered a seemingly innocent and benign way to inject malicious content into your network, and directly to your Windows Home Server.  Naturally, it relies on an automated process to obtain data, which lends truth to the maxim that if someone (or something) else uses your machine, then it’s just not secure. (Thanks to Jim at We Got Served for the heads-up)

If Microsoft are nice enough to step up and offer free protection for your machine, then, in my humble opinion, you are nuts not to take advantage of it. Microsoft Security Essentials has reviewed well, and is free to users with genuine software.

But here’s the question:

Why is there no version of Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows Home Server?

It’s the same demographic, and the addition of a MSE Add-in to WHS would add a further layer of win to what are currently two seperate outstanding applications.  It seems that I’m not the first to ask the question.  Steve Boots, who is a Windows Live MVP opines in those threads that AV on a WHS is unnecessary.  I respectfully disagree with him.  I suspect that all those that are running the uTorrent and My Movies Add-ins do as well.


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  1. I can’t read my email content after I have signed in. A ” New Virtual Private Server” page appear .

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