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Had great fun tonight discussing Windows Home Server at the Sydney Windows User Group.

Discovered, as I usually do – after the fact – that there are a number of websites, and pieces of information that I have collected over the build of my Windows Home Server and Home Theatre PC that others are likely to be interested in.

I’ll update shortly with the deck I presented – I’m busy contemplating how to tidily and efficiently re-focus my blogging and on-line presence – the explosion of Social Media tools makes for frantic re-organisation and management from time to time.

[UPDATE]: My slide deck from the SWUG meeting now attached after the jump.

SWUG – Windows Home Server slides

Loads of hyper-links to the add-ins and applications that we discussed on the night embedded in the deck.  Please comment or email if you have any questions or want to discuss.


Comments on: "Windows Home Server @ Sydney Windows User Group" (4)

  1. […] one of the purposes to discuss Windows Homer Server from a real life point of view.  I made some comments about that night, and shared my deck from the night. One of the points of discussion was the timing […]

  2. Ace preso at #SWUG. Thanks for sharing here. Madly clicking through the links as I set up my first WHS box. 🙂

    What is/was the anti-virus package you were using? Presumably I have to use something that, after a reboot, automagically starts itself and does what it has to do (ie without admin intervention/logging in)

    • Thanks for the feedback and the question – glad that it was useful.

      I installed a home use version and key for the AV software that we use for work – unfortunately it installed, and then wouldn’t allow LiveUpdates of the application or the virus defintions – i.e. useless. It may be an OS compatibility issue rather than a problem with the software itself.

      Whilst there are arguements that anti-virus is only necessary on the perimeter and on the machines that execute the files (links to follow when I’m home again), I don’t subscribe to that theory. I have enough horsepower so that AV overhead isn’t an issue, so I’d rather run on the WHS as well.

      There are two specific WHS AV packages, and in addition to managing AV on the WHS, they will manage updates for each of your clients as well. I have yet to trial either of these applications, so I can’t offer a personal opinion at this stage:

      Avast: http://www.avast.com/eng/avast-windows-home-server-edition.html

      F-Secure: http://campaigns.f-secure.com/wellbeing/eng/product_home_server_security.html

      Some discussions in relation to their efficacy can be found on on the We Got Served forums, among other places: http://forum.wegotserved.com/index.php?/forum/88-software-for-windows-home-server/

      The intention is to trial each of them – I’ll post when I do. Hope this helps.

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