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Overdue update

It’s been a while since the last update. Essentially, everything has been running really smoothly, and there isn’t a great deal to report. Well, there is that issue with the GPS which seems to forget about the drivers every now and then, which makes the touchscreen mouse freak out.

I’m still using FrodoPlayer as my main frontend system, and I’ve added in 033L’s Gamma Control software, which is really simple and effective, and means that I can stick with the darker skin that I prefer the look of.

I’d love to create a skin that is specific to my exact needs, but I just don’t have the art skills. I must get around to updating the site with the photo’s of the new installation, and rolling out the site update.

The plans for the reinstallation for the boot have been accelerated, as it appears that boot space is now at a premium, as we’re shortly going to need to transport baby related equipment. Cool – stealth sub!


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