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Realised that I’m either too old or too lazy to finish the job. So I found an installer for the Car Audio gear (Hi Marty!). Seems that Marty is even fussier than I am (which I thought was unlikely, but it’s a good thing!), so great things should result.

Began doing some research on FLAC – I don’t want the encoding of the music to be a limiting factor in the quest for sound quality. On the other hand, drives are cheap and getting cheaper. There’s always the option of ripping my collection again and leaving them all as WAV files :-). I’m not sure on that yet.

I’ll be splitting the site to cover the old car and the new one – updates to come.

Work on the new box continues. I made some effort in figuring out how to solder (!), so big multi-pin connectors capable of carrying enough current were purchased during the week. This should help stop the installation looking like an explosion in a spaghetti factory. This also allows me the ability to route LED’s and controllers for the box (reset and power) to the front of the car, should they be required.

Software evaluation continues. I’m down to the choice of three applications, and it all comes down to interface layout and ability to interface with the new remote. The difference between my system and most others is that I refuse to go down the touchscreen route.

Added the resources page to the site. This page holds drivers and bits and pieces that I’ve used in building and configuring the PC.


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